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Middle School Letters

Excerpts from letters written about The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics

Mrs. Susan Harris
Mathematics Teacher
Eppler Junior High, Utica School District

  " I found Mr. Hart’s presentation to be a superb motivator for the students. His obvious love for math and learning permeated my classroom. I, myself, was greatly touched by his knowledge both professionally and personally. As I observed the students’ eyes light up during his presentation, I couldn’t help but notice their genuine indulgence into his message. Mr. Hart demonstrated the relevance of math in their lives, as well as the fun that can be associated with learning mathematics. I would strongly recommend Mr. Hart’s service for any academic setting."



Mike Skrzynski
 Teacher of Mathematics
Baker Middle School Troy, MI

  "The Baker Middle School math dept. has hosted Prof. Hart for the past four years. His lively, entertaining, presentations are informative and promote lively discussions in class afterwards. His love of mathematics is conveyed to students at all levels in a very personable and humorous style. We highly recommend Hart as both an outstanding teacher and motivational guest speaker."

Debbie Kridler
Middle School Math Coordinator
Cranbrook Schools
Bloomfield Hills, MI

  "Cranbrook Middle School has hosted Prof. Hart on three separate occasions. As we encourage our students in their mathematical endeavors, Hart's programs couldn't be more appropriate. His mathematical expertise, sense of humor, and obvious love of mathematics is appreciated by both students and faculty. We hope to bring back his interesting, motivational program again next year."

Steven A. Gadzinski, Product Design Engineer-Transmission Electronics
Ford Motor Company Livonia MI

  "On behalf of the Jeannette Junior High Math Club and its parent coaching staff, and the Jeannette Mathematics Department, I want to whole heartedly say THANK YOU for sharing the lighter side of math. Your presentation was thoroughly enjoyed by all. The delight was evident by the total attention given you by the students and parents that attended. You most definitely provided us with many thought-provoking scenarios, and engaged our attention. The highly interactive nature of the program, your sense of humor, your love and fascination with mathematics make this a wonderful program. When I ask the students  "what events should we plan next?" many respond by saying "Can we invite Prof. Hart to come back and show us more neat tricks and facts?" Keep up the excellent work.”

Mrs. Jens
Math Teacher
and the students of Goodrich Middle School
Goodrich, MI


"Through your incredible versatility in music, magic, and teaching, you provided a stimulating, motivating, and challenging program for students and teachers alike. Being able to establish rapport with sixth, seventh, and eighth graders is, in itself, a challenge. You met that challenge with ease as you captured their attention right from the beginning. Some comments I heard from students were

He's awesome!... How does he do that?... He must be a genius.... I kept wondering what he would do next...  He sure is some trumpet player... The time went so fast --too fast... Can he come back again?... When I get home, I'm going to try to trick my parents... He should make a video like Bill Nye the Science Guy, but call it Bill Hart the Musical Mathemagician... I'll bet he's a great grampa.

Mr. Hart, you were an inspiration to us. We hope it will be possible for you to return next year. We're anxious to find out what else you have in your "box of tricks."


Nancy Dundas
Carter Middle School
 Warren MI


"To Whom It May Concern:  Looking for an educational assembly that will both captivate and involve students in the field of mathematics?   Look no further. Professor William Hart has an outstanding program for middle school students that encourages problem solving and use of logic in the most interesting way through the use of mathematics. Professor Hart calls his program The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics --and that is what he brings to the students.  

I have had Bill present for us on two separate occasions. The audience size was about 140 for each of the programs. Throughout the day, he kept them spellbound. His quick wit and understanding of adolescents helps him reach all groups of students.  He can follow up with classroom visitations (math on a cart). I am hoping to bring him back to Carter Middle School to work with smaller groups. As the students are being seated, Hart livens up the room with his "mean" trumpet--the students truly enjoy that. I highly recommend his program".


Therese M. Miekstyn
Math Chairperson
 Iroquois Middle
Mt. Clemens, MI

"After your three assemblies this morning, I sat down with the other four teachers of mathematics. The five of us agreed that your programs were worthwhile, engaging, and fun.  We ask that you return in September to do this again. Please call when you can, and we'll try to select a date."


Bert  M. Quinn, Administrative Asst.
Lake Orion Middle School
Lake Orion, MI

  "We were very pleased with your programs. The undivided attention and participation of our students showed that math can indeed be fun and useful. You are to be commended for going beyond the traditional textbook paradigm. You would definitely be welcomed back. Keep up the good work."

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