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Excerpts from letters written about The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics


Harvey Neumann
Interim Principal
St. Luke Lutheran School
21400 South Nunneley
Clinton Township MI 48035

  "Dear Bill,

Our school is literally buzzing with an appreciation for the wonders of math, thanks to the three programs you gave yesterday. Your rapport with our student body in all three (K-2;3-5;6-8) age-appropriate presentations was outstanding. You had them eating out of your hand.

My grading system for assemblies addresses:

  1. Did the students enjoy it? Your grade: A+
  2. Did the children learn? Your grade: A+
  3. Did teachers enjoy and learn? Your grade: A+
  4. Was the presenter enthusiastic? Your grade A+
  5. Was the price reasonable? Your grade: A+
So then, Professor Bill Hart, you have the highest score possible!

I’m still trying to figure out who had more fun - the students or you. Thank you for coming, and thank you for the flugelhorn attention-getter. We must have you back.

Blessings to you."


Dr. Bruce J. Kosmatka
Trinity Lutheran School
45160 Van Dyke, Utica MI 48317

  " This note of recommendation is written primarily to principals and Parent-Teacher Organization program planners.

Trinity Lutheran School was extremely fortunate to have Professor William Hart present “The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics” to our K-8 student body. These presentations were at three different grade level groupings: K-2; 3-5; 6-8.

Professor Hart did an absolutely fabulous job in sharing his love of mathematics with our students and teachers. His presentations were creative, varied in content, fast-paced and definitely interactive with our students.

All three programs were age-appropriate and entertaining. Without reservation, I would recommend “Math With Hart” as a most worthwhile experience for your student body and staff!! "


James K. Richards
Trinity Lutheran School
Clinton Township, MI

  " I thank you for sharing your love of math during our Math With Hart assemblies. I surveyed the teachers and spoke with many of the students and found a unanimous feeling that the programs were fun and educational. Many of our students went home and showed their parents several of your mathematical wonderments.

You obviously love what you do and are passionate about sharing your knowledge with the children. We pray that this will spark a renewed interest in mathematics and will inspire students to question and investigate math even more. It truly is amazing the order that God has given us and I believe mathematics can help us to understand and seek His Word even more.

Feel free to use these comments or give other organizations my contact information for a referral. "


Judy Kosmatka
St Peter Lutheran School
17051 24 Mile Road
Macomb, MI 48042-0480

  " Recently our school, St. Peter Lutheran in Macomb County, had Mr. Bill Hart present his math assemblies to the students. I can only say that we thoroughly enjoyed his presentations. He geared his presentation to three audiences: K-2; 3-5; 6-8. The students were engaged from the first moments they entered the room. Not only is Mr. Hart a great math motivator, he is also a wonderful musician, and he used his musical talent to get the attention of the students. From then on he showed them math tricks and tips that each class could understand and do on their own. As teachers, we could just sit back and enjoy and learn along with the students. We did not have to do any "keeping of order" because the students were completely engaged. I went back to my room and went over the "tricks" he had shared with us, and then the students took them home to "wow" their parents. I would heartily recommend having Mr. Hart for an assembly. You will not be disappointed. "

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