Inservice Fan Mail

Testimonial Letters from Teacher Inservice Workshops


Jennifer Manzo

Summer  Institute, Troy MI

David Raterink Mathematics ChairpersonP
Hudsonville High School
Hudsonville, MI

Prof. Bill Hart's "Math With Hart" presentation literally captivated my group of 70 teachers.You could have heard a pin drop during Bill's presentation, as everyone's brains were turning, trying to figure out one of his teasers.
He truly demonstrated 'playing mathematics' and showed the teachers many tricks and strategies for teaching mathematics that will entertain kids as well as get the point of the lesson across.

A couple of quotes from the comment cards: "Bill is authentic and passionate about mathematics. It is meaningful to him, and due to this, he seems inclined to share and enlighten anyone and everyone around him about his passion! Bill Hart gave an outstanding presentation."       
"Today's math session was worthwhile, interesting, and entertaining.
I learned a lot!"

Prof. Hart presented interesting, engaging, amusing mathematical gems for our high school students and staff, then followed up with a teacher in-service workshop. It was all worthwhile and well received. I recommend his program to any school interested in boosting interest and appreciation for mathematics."


Jean Franco NorthwesternMichiganMigrant ProjectsTraverse City, MI

  "Your teacher in-service was positively terrific !! Some of our teachers have even decided to switch their majors to math.  Please plan on a sequel next spring."

Dick  Comar
Summer Institute

Prof. Juan A. Gatica 
             Dept of Mathematics                      
University of Iowa 
Faculty Advisor to the Math Club

Helen Casper, principal
St.Edward on the Lake   Catholic School, Lakeport Michigan

Manny Lopez
The Detroit News
"Thanks for yesterday's  presentation for teachers at Livonia's Franklin High School. You had the teachers buzzing, and they talked about you again today. Some of the Franklin high school teachers are talking about having you present to their staff during the coming school year.
It was interesting to see that teachers who are not
math teachers were engaged and amazed.  You have a talent for bringing  mathematics to a level of clarity and simplicity. Your use of visuals was effective. I am glad that your cousin, Dr. Mary Bigler, recommended you!  I hope to have you present again at the Summer Institute for teachers.
Please keep in touch."

I would like to thank you for the wonderful talk "The Joys of Math" that you presented for the University of Iowa's Student Chapter of the MAA (the Math Club).
The presentation was a delight to hear and gave very good examples on how to make our subject more attractive to those who start by being prejudiced against it. All the members of the Math Club and guests enjoyed the lecture and learned a lot from it. I hope we can repeat  this in the future years."

Our St. Edward students and invited guests were spellbound. Professor Hart had them mesmerized. Our teachers learned new ways to make  math fun and useful and were given a philosophy of math education filled with joy and wonder.
My staff joins me in recommending the "Math With Hart" program.

"Bill Hart is obviously excited about math, and his excitement about numbers is contagious.  After spending an hour at the professor's seminar, I realized there are a number of everyday situations that make more sense after having been looked at numerically.
For many of us in the media, numbers are something to be avoided. Bill's hour-long session refreshed us on some of the basics and reminded us that a little common sense and some critical thinking goes a long way. 
While many of the examples he used were some of the same ones he uses for his elementary school assemblies, they were not belittling by any means. In fact, some of us in the room overlooked the obvious and jumped to conclusions that proved to be false. 
I would recommend Hart's sessions to anyone that has an aversion to numbers or just needs a refresher course."



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