High School Fan Mail

High School Letters

Excerpts from letters written about The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics


Megan Hinkle
Teacher of Mathematics
Algonac High School
Algonac, MI

  "My name is Megan Hinkle and I am a high school math teacher at Algonac High School. I had the honor of having Mr. Bill Hart come into our school and speak to our students for a full day. The content of his presentation was related to every single student in the room and to their mathematics education. He found new and creative ways to show students some simple math strategies. His creativity and outgoing personality engaged the students and held their interest throughout the day as he got them involved in his games. Most of the student feedback was incredibly positive, and it was a nice break from the every day routine. I highly recommend Mr. Hart to any teacher who wants to add a little creativity and fun to their classroom.”

Pat Higgins
Director of Guidance and Student Activities Coordinator
Marian High School
Bloomfield Hills, MI

  "Well, Bill, the jury is in and you were a success. Your presentations to students in grades 9-12 included math levels from Basic Algebra I to Advanced Placement Calculus BC. Your programs were captivating and entertaining. The blend of music, logic, probability, and problem solving had us all thinking. You truly have a wonderful way to make math a joy and to engage your audience into thinking that math can be fun. It was a great day and a nice break from the daily classroom routine. Thank you for all the energy you put into your programs.”

Danielle Cummings
High School Mathematics and Biology Teacher
 International Academy
Bloomfield Hills, MI

  "Our day with your Math Road Show was fabulous.  Every student saw a program, and like you promised, the level of the presentations varied depending on the level of the group. I love listening to, and participating in your "mathematical inconsistencies" that questioned and redefined our everyday thinking, and grabbed my students.  I saw their mouths drop open in amazement, and whether you were doing a card trick or a math trick, they were  learning, thinking, and enjoying themselves. Later in class, the students asked many, many questions. You certainly stirred up interest!  My 9th graders have dubbed you "cool math guy." As a new teacher, I like to learn new things that I can do in my classroom to keep my students interested. The type of activities you did were easy, inexpensive, and simple to reproduce. I was learning with my students. You also touched upon mathematics in many different fields. This made them see the importance of math, and kept them engaged. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed your presentations and we hope to have you back next year. Thank you so much for sharing all of this fun with us!!”

Judy Odette
Jefferson High School
Monroe, MI

  "Thank you for helping to make our math week a success. The active audience involvement in your interesting program made the assembly very delightful - - we have had good feedback from staff and students."

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