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MATH WITH HART: The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics

From Denise Edwards,

5th grade teacher, River Oaks Elementary School,Dearborn Public Schools

John F. Pagel, Principal Deerfield Elementary School Rochester Hills  MI.

From Chris Gardner Principal, Mohawk  Elementary School Macomb MI 

From Chris Turner Principal Independence Elementary School Clarkston MI

April Wuest, Principal

Long Meadow Elementary

Rochester Community Schools

Tony Kruzman, Principal

Pine Lake Elementary School
Bloomfield Hills School District

"Comprehensive Education at its Finest."

  Dear Mr.Hart,
Thank you so much. Your show inspired my students. Unfortunately, by the time some students   become 5th graders, math seems impossible and they give up.
After your show, those students not only saw the impossible made possible, they saw that the possible can be fun and exciting!
One of my colleagues said "You never know what will reach a child." Well now we know your math magic is a fabulous way to reach a struggling child. My entire class is reteaching me your math magic. Your show sent a strong message: Understanding math is possible if you learn it in small pieces.
Denise Edwards, River Oaks Elementary School

Dear Mr. Hart,

Thanks again for a wonderful assembly. I have so much fun interacting with you and the students! Please feel free to use the recommendation below anytime. We look forward to seeing you soon!

My name is John Pagel and I am the Principal of Deerfield Elementary School in Rochester Hills, Michigan. The purpose of this letter is to recommend that you consider bringing a fabulous assembly to your school !  For the past two years, our PTO has sponsored a math assembly called "Math With Hart."

We had been searching for a math related assembly for quite some time and Mr. William Hart provided us the perfect opportunity for our 4th and 5th graders. Mr. Hart used music, humor and problem solving strategies to bring numbers and math concepts to life in a unique and entertaining way. Our group of 150 students were totally engaged and were observed talking about numbers and strategies long after the assembly. How often do students ask to stay after an assembly to ask questions of the presenter? It has happened at our school two years in a row with Mr. Hart!

I would strongly recommend this assembly to any school. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please feel free to contact me at the contact information below.


John F. Pagel
Deerfield Elementary School
3600 Crooks Road
Rochester Hills MI  48309

Thank you so much for visiting Mohawk. We truly enjoyed your visit.

"Mr. Hart brought his musical and mathematical talents to our students, and entertained them with trick after trick. His humor and knowledge of mathematics made for an engaged, entertained and enthusiastic audience!"

You have my permission to forward my remarks to assembly planners and other principals as you see fit.

Thanks again,

Chris Gardner
Principal, Mohawk Elementary School
Chippewa Valley Schools, Macomb MI

Thank you for sharing your love and passion for mathematics with the Independence students. 
The students loved how you you used humor, music, and story telling to teach about math. They marveled at your "tricks" and many were excited to try them out on their own families. You have a natural style with children that keeps them enthralled. After sitting on a hard floor for 55 minutes, they still wanted more, yelling "No! Keep going!" when I told you we were out of time. The staff members were intrigued by the math scenarios you presented, and said that the students went back to their classroom talking about math. We learned about math, while having a lot of fun at the same time. Thanks again for spending time with us.
Sincerely,  Chris Turner, Principal
                    Independence Elementary School
                    Clarkston  MI

To Whom It May Concern,
Please consider this a letter of recommendation and testimony to the math assembly program offered by Mr. Bill Hart titled: Math With Hart!

Mr. Hart's visit with Long Meadow students this year was a wonderful success. Students of each grade level were engaged and entertained at their level. Audience participation, magic, music, storytelling, and mind teasers kept students actively thinking and exploring concepts.

Mr. Hart approached what can be an anxious subject for some students with an enthusiasm that was clearly contagious. His playful approach made it accessable to everyone and even the staff members reported that he was spell-binding!

Math With Hart truly was a mathematical experience that Long Meadow students will long remember. We highly recommend his program!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

April Wuest
Long Meadow Elementary
Rochester Community Schools

" To Whom It May Concern:

Professor William Hart came to Pine Lake Elementary School on December 19, 2006 and sparked an enthusiasm for math as we have never seen before!! With his quick wit, love for math and entertaining style, Professor Hart conducted three interactive math assemblies for our students. He showed them math concepts, math tricks, and problem solving techniques. He made math fun, alive, engaging for our students Grades K-5. I saw teachers in the audience taking notes so as to remember his methods. After the assemblies he went to several classrooms and engaged our older students in some very interesting mathematical strategies.

Now almost 4 weeks later, students are still trying to solve the mystery of the missing dollar bill. No assembly in recent memory has ever had this kind of lasting impact on our students as Professor Hart's math assemblies. I wish every student in Oakland County could meet and learn from Professor Hart!

If you have any questions, please contact me. "

Tony Kruzman
Principal, Pine Lake Elementary School
Bloomfield Hills School District


Jeanne Seymour
former elementary vice president of MCTM
(Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics)

  " I recently attended an assembly on mathematics presented at the Charlevoix Elementary School in Charlevoix, Michigan, by Professor Bill Hart. As a teacher for 31 years, I am now retired and was substituting in a second grade class when Mr. Hart came to our school.

As the classes were entering the gym, Bill immediately got their attention with his trumpet, playing parts of familiar songs and having them guess the title. He later connected music to the learning of mathematics. Throughout the program, Bill involved both students and teachers in several fascinating number tricks. He kept 150 six and seven year-olds totally engaged for at least forty-five minutes!

These young students left the assembly with a feeling that numbers (learning) can be fun. For older students, added to that, is the challenge of trying to figure out how the tricks work (mathematical investigation.) Teachers left inspired to integrate similar techniques into their daily plans.

As a former elementary vice president of MCTM (Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics) I was especially pleased to see math presented and promoted as not only a necessary but enjoyable part of our lives. These have long been goals of the Council. I would highly recommend Bill Hart as a presenter in your school. "


Michael H. Behrmann
Principal, North Hill Elementary School
Rochester Michigan

  " Thank you for the incredible math assembly. Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders were held spellbound throughout the entire presentation. "

Paula Hotaling
Principal at Kettering Elementary
Westland, Michigan

  " Our students and staff greatly enjoyed your presentations last Tuesday. You provided a stimulating and motivational experience for the children and adults alike, and managed to touch on concepts from arithmetic, geometry, probability, and algebra. Your enthusiasm for math, and the joy with which you shared your special stories and "tricks," held the attention of our students for an especially long time. Thank you for sharing a morning of fun with math! "

Faye M. Bucci, principal
Patton Elementary School
Roseville MI (586) 445-5795

  " Thank you for the three excellent presentations. It was a great morning, and you were terrific! Parents have come into school relaying that their kids really enjoyed “that math guy” from M.C.C. We hope you’ll return next year for Math With Hart II. Please feel free to pass this letter along to other educators. "

Clifton B. Mace Jr.
Hedke Elementary School
Trenton, MI

  "I have seen hundreds of assemblies in my career, and I have to rate yours as one of the best."

Jan VanPoperin
 Interim Principal
 Eureka Heights
Elem. School

  "Having viewed your presentations on three separate occasions, as Principal in two school districts, I continue to be impressed by the value your information has for students and faculty alike.  The audience involvement is a delight to see; children genuinely excited about mathematics. Your programs have great relevancy to the MEAP Test, and cover a wide variety of mathematical  principles, from probability to geometry, from division to ratios, and more. You recently integrated your musical background in setting the tone for your presentations, and this had a marvelous effect of the audience, children and grown-ups alike. We look forward to booking ‘The Joy of Mathematics’ again. It just keeps getting better.”

John W. Hoeffler, Ph.D., Superintendent  Birmingham Public
Birmingham, MI

  "As superintendent of the Birmingham Public Schools, I spend a lot of time visiting schools. I spent an entire morning watching Hart working with all ages and abilities. He has a talent for getting the students excited about dealing with complex math problems and concepts. My fifth grade son and I both loved the program."

William H. Strait Principal
Monroe Elementary School
Wyandotte, MI

  "Your love and concern for our youth was so apparent. Your messages are so appropriate for today's children and you truly speak their language. We were very impressed with both the early and upper elementary programs. Both programs were on target and developmentally appropriate. I envy the opportunity you have in presenting math to children with such joy. You have taken the abstract and brought it to the fore in the minds of your audience and they in turn have realized how math can benefit their own lives. We look forward to a return visit at Monroe School.”

Greg Carnacchi Assistant Principal
Novi Meadows School Novi, MI

  "Bill Hart has presented to our fifth and sixth graders for the past  5 consecutive years. His joy and excitement for math is seen in every activity and demonstration he presents. Professor Hart has the ability to show how math relates to the real world. Both students and teachers alike ask to have him return. His wealth of material allows him to return with new concepts and ideas to present. I highly recommend Bill Hart if you want a great MATH assembly."

Catherine Zardus
Haigh Elementary School Student Programs Coordinator
Dearborn, MI

  "Bill Hart's enthusiasm for math is contagious! He did an excellent job motivating the students at Haigh School to think creatively with their math skills. Students, teachers, and parents were abuzz after his educational and entertaining program. He adapted beautifully to every age level, and did three programs. Bill Hart is a mathematician magician and helps his audience think through how his tricks work. He clearly has a strong love for children. His genuine respect for the students was very positive and he conducted himself in a most professional and gentlemanly way. He plays a mean trumpet, and radiated a lot of joy in his brief visit to our school. He gave a real boost to our educational mission, and it is my pleasure to recommend Bill Hart."

Jeanne M. Glowicki
Breton Downs Elementary School
East Grand Rapids, MI

  "To Whom It May Concern: William Hart presented three programs to our K-5 students. He shared his love for mathematics, as well as music. Through a variety of participatory activities, Professor Hart demonstrated that math is fun and he encouraged all of us to be good math thinkers. He shared how mathematics is logical, how it makes connections to the real world and showed the students the "why" of mathematics. It was exciting to see our children so engrossed, raising their hands, asking questions, taking risks and wanting to be the best mathematicians possible."

  Liz Okopny
Supervising Teacher and Director of 
Math Academy
Lanigan Elementary School
Farmington Hills, MI


  "I am writing this letter to recommend William Hart as a speaker. He did an outstanding job presenting two consecutive years at a Math Academy I direct. The only negative was that we didn't have him for a longer period of time. The use of music, overhead, and manipulatives were effective in getting the information across to the students. The enthusiasm he brings for the love of math permeated the whole gym. The students left the assembly excited about math and different ideas about math they had not thought of. The problems he brought to them were stimulating and high level, yet comprehensible to most. I highly recommend William Hart and his program, "The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics."

Kevin Madill
4th Grade Teacher Amanda Moore Elementary
Romeo MI

  "Dear Bill, Your presentations were excellent. It is evident that you love what you are doing, and the students and faculty all commented on the excitement that you brought to math in your short time here. You stirred up an enthusiasm for math that I believe would be hard to duplicate in any other way. The trumpet playing was a bonus to this fellow trumpeter. Thanks again for your wonderful presentation. I look forward to having you back to our school sometime again soon."

Debbie Stout
Oxford Elementary
Oxford MI


"Our staff, students, and I had the pleasure of hearing Professor Hart present his "Joy of Math" assembly today. His enthusiasm, sense of humor, and ability to relate to students' interests made this an assembly that the students will long remember. Showing the students the "why" of math with a variety of concrete examples and props brought the application of math into the students' world. The jokes, puns, and use of music added to the fun without detracting from the focus on using math. Students and teachers were actively involved in the presentations, which is always a highlight in assemblies.
After today’s assemblies I believe several students may even be inspired to pursue math with a greater intensity of purpose, tomorrow and well into their future. Prof. Hart does a great service to elementary education in sharing his prowess and positive role model with our students and teachers."


Kathy Markel
Armada Elementary
Armada, MI 


"I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Professor William Hart and his Joys of Math assembly. Prof. Hart put on two assemblies for a mixed audience of students in grades three through five. Throughout the fifty-five minutes the students were actively involved in the program and interested in the math tricks and stunts he was able to demonstrate. They were attentive and in awe of math skills!
Our school has booked a number of assemblies dealing with science, writing, music and fine arts and we have looked for a math assembly. It was our desire to have a program to excite students with math concepts and stir up enthusiasm for math. Professor William Hart accomplished this in his brief visit to our school. Children and staff were engaged throughout the program and we are now looking to add Recreational Math books to our media center collection at the request of the students. I hope you will have the chance to invite Professor Hart to your school for assemblies or parent/family event. You will be happy to have him visit!"


Sharon Whitmore
North Creek Elementary
Chelsea, MI


“Last semester, we were very pleased to have William Hart meet with our third, fourth, and fifth graders for math exploration assemblies.
I was impressed with how he encouraged our students to think at higher levels, enjoy problem solving, and consider more than one option. Prof Hart obviously enjoys the challenges, and his enthusiasm is contagious. The activities were fast-paced and kept the attention of the most distractable child.
It is important at the elementary level that math be seen as an interactive and creative process and Prof Hart demonstrated this philosophy. He related well to all ages. I would recommend him to other elementary schools as an interesting and unique assembly focused on math."


Lisa Fenchel
Novi Meadows


January 4, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that we ask Professor Bill Hart to return to our school each and every year to conduct his “Joys of Math” assembly for our 5th and 6th grade students. He engages the students with his immense knowledge of math, music and the connections between the two. He introduces math concepts in a way that the students think they are learning a magic trick or a secret code. Instead, what he is doing is unlocking the secrets of numbers for the students. They begin to see that many things in life relate to math and that none of them are scary. Students enjoy his interactive presentations and teachers look forward to his yearly visits. After many years of organizing school assemblies, I have not found one that is more greatly valued by students and staff alike. Children talk about his math ideas in the halls and at home long after they leave the assembly. It is really an energizing, learning experience.

We hope that Professor Hart can return to Meadows for many years to come. His commitment to education and entertainment is a perfect fit for today’s students.


Lisa Fenchel
Novi Meadows


Estelle Bresnahan
Jefferson Elementary
Wyandotte, MI

and PTO President Erving Elementary Woodhaven, MI


"I saw Prof. Hart's programs at the school where I teach, then arranged for him to present at the school my own children attend.

He was age-appropriate in each program, K-6.  His love of teaching and encouragement of the students to PRACTICE math (like music) will be enjoyed by all who see this program.  

There really is joy, wonder, and fun in these exceptionally unique programs."


Jim Soubly
Dolsen Elementary
New Hudson, MI


"Bill Hart gave three math assembly programs to our students at Dolsen on January 26, 2009. He did a wonderful job of engaging the students in math tricks and concepts. He involved principals and teachers as well as students in producing solutions to math problems. The show was exceptional for two main reasons. One, he delivered math in a motivational way. One doesn’t find many assemblies geared toward exciting students about math. And two, he explained his tricks and solutions so that students could enjoy them further following an assembly. This caused students to walk out of the assembly and continue to repeat the math tricks, thus practicing the math concepts. What a wonderful way to connect students and engage their curiosity and motivation to learn. "


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