When Could You Bring Your Math Roadshow To Our School?

Every K-12 student in your building can see an age-appropriate assembly.

During a half day at a middle or high school:

  • Three assemblies

At a K-8 school, a nice way to spend a half day is:

  • K-2: 35 minutes
  • 3-5: 50 minutes
  • 6-8: 50 minutes

For a K-5 school, here are two possibilities:

  1. Three programs:
    • K-1: 35 minutes
    • 2-3: 50 minutes
    • 4-5: 50 minutes
  2. Two programs:
    • K-2: 40 minutes
    • 3-5: 50 minutes (longer if the teachers want to give the students a wiggle break, then do more)

During a full day at your school, we could:

  • do assemblies all day long, or
  • have classroom visits (with students doubling up) after the large group assemblies.
Many principals have to juggle special classes, calendars, and room availability. In a spirit of flexibility and goodwill, I will work with you in an attempt to give a genuine boost to your math program. Having me present in more than one room often solves the problem.

Schools with a "gifted and talented" program can have a program with special content.            


Family Math Night Programs:                                                                                                                                             Call or write for available dates.

A deposit is not required, but Hart will send you a confirmation letter. In a spirit of goodwill and flexibility, Hart will work with you to plan an agenda that will give a boost to your math program.

Tight budget? Want an assembly BEFORE your fundraiser?  Payment within 30 days is okay.

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