Library Programs Fan Mail

From Cynthia ZurSchmiede
Outreach Librarian
Grosse Pte. Public Library
Grosse Pte. Michigan

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of endorsement for Professor William Hart. I met Bill last year when he performed his "Big Band Memories" program for my Senior Group here at the Grosse Pte. Public Library. 

That program was such a tremendous success that I decided to invite Bill to present his "Math with Hart" program. Even though this program was designed to get kids enthusiastic and "buy in" to the concept that math is exciting, really, really fun, and worth their time, I thought my Senior Group might also enjoy it. As I suspected, they loved it. They had a ball with it. There was lots of laughter and questions, and everyone left with a smile.

I am writing this because I believe that "Math with Hart" can be enjoyed by people of any age. Bill is a man who really knows how to entertain and capture his audience. I sincerely and wholeheartedly endorse Professor Hart as an excellent choice when considering programing alternatives for your library, school, civic group, or any group.

     Cynthia ZurSchmiede, Outreach Librarian
     Grosse Pte. Public Library, Grosse Pte. Michigan

From the Troy Public Library
510 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan 48084
Alison Nunney, Administrative Aide, Community Service writes:

Dear Professor Hart:

Thank you so much for presenting "Math with Hart: The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics" at the Troy Public Library. In spite of the wide age range of the audience you held them enthralled, parents and children alike! The many "props" you brought along to illustrate different concepts were innovative and meaningful. Your explanations and the illustrations you showed made everything understandable and the participants really learned that math could be fun. Finally, your rapport with the audience and your sense of humor made it a really worthwhile presentation.

Several library patrons expressed their appreciation to me after your program as I know they did to you. Thank you so much, and we hope you will be able to return and show us
Math with Hart Part II.
          Alison Nunney
          Administrative Aide
          Community Services