Math With Hart

"The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics"

A highly interactive entertaining assembly to help

students love and respect the Queen of the Sciences.

Presented by Michigan's Professor of the Year '89-'90

Math/music connections, matheMAGICAL tricks performed and explained, teasers, riddles, logic, mysteries of 9 and 0, probability, birthday coincidences, disturbing counterintuitive oddities, highly visual geometrical surprises, calendar patterns and tricks, problem solving strategies, drawing pictures to build meaning (avoiding mindless "symbol pushing").  Each "jewel" in Hart's Mathematical Buffet is intended to produce the effect of "HMMM!"  OR "WOW”,  strengthening number sense and increasing curiosity.

The early elementary program is 35 minutes. High school, middle school, and upper elementary: 50 minutes.

Solid mathematical content. MEAP relevant. The content varies with the level of the audience to make each program age-appropriate and relevant to Grade Level Content Expectations and benchmarks.

On return visits, the content is new.  Hart visits some schools every year.

Bill Hart, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, taught full time at Macomb Community College from 1964 to 
June 2010.  The Math With Hart  activities (including Teacher Inservice Workshops) that Hart began giving in 1990 continue.

Shaun Greene-Beebe, Principal at Carleton Middle School, Warren Consolidated School District, speaks about  "The Joy, Wonder, and Fun of Mathematics".

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Award Winning Math Teacher Credits Bill Hart

Bill Hart's former student, Yasso Yasso, receives teaching award and credits his former college math professor with the positive influences that led him to become a teacher.  Mr. Yasso is an award winning teacher of Mathematics at Mott High School in the Warren Consolidated School District.  

Yasso Yasso speaks to his former college math professor, Bill Hart, about the "Ripple Effect" and legacy of Bill Hart's many years as a teacher.